A Few Words

The first time I went to Greece, it was so hot that I wanted to stay in the air-conditioned hotel the entire time. Instead, my parents wanted us to see all of the sites, which I couldn’t really effectively see when I was on the tour anyway because I was too short at the time. Fortunately, I ended up going back to Greece again and again, thanks to my Greek heritage and all of the associated emphasis on visiting Greece. I ended up developing a new appreciation for all of the history of the area.


In most parts of the world, especially in an era of rapid economic development, almost everything that you see seems to have been built last week or the week before last if you’re talking about a really vintage building. In Greece, you’re looking at the dawn of Western civilization, and it subsequently becomes hard not to see their fingerprints all over our culture.


Anyway, I’ve been to Greece over and over again, and I’m full of advice on Greece and Greek vacations in general. People who are interested in intellectual tourism have plenty of options. People who want to shop and go swimming to escape Greece’s heat have plenty of options. People who want to do as many quintessentially Greek things as possible before they leave the country should have a Greek adviser, and that can be me. I’m happy to give insider information, as well as any other pieces of information that people from all over the world will need.