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So, you have decided to visit Symi? Well, you have come to the right place. I have compiled and outlined a few helpful tips here for you that you may find helpful. Those who have come to Symi have often returned as there is so much to see and do while in Symi. Symi is located in the South Dodecanese, North of Rhodes and close to the coast of Southwest Turkey. Some even say that it is the most beautiful of all the Greek islands. Why not come and see for yourself? Symion hospitality is legendary, the local people are warm, engaging and welcoming. In fact, the people, history, local sights and churches are mesmerizingly beautiful. No doubt, you will find the character and charm of Symi beautiful and breath taking in equal measure.



So much to do while in SymiWhile in Symi, you be spoilt for choice in terms of what to do. But then again, this is your vacation so take it nice and slow. Surely you will be eating while there? Why not go to a traditional taverna in the old town of Chorio? Or there are many Italian places to eat as well as modern Mediterrean places to eat. Also, you will find that Symi has a good choice of fish restaurants from which to choose from. They can get busy, so be sure to book ahead. Some of the best late night restaurants in Symi include:


  • Mythos Restaurant
  • Tholos
  • The Windmill Restaurant
  • Pantelis


In addition to eating while in Symi, why not check out its glorious beaches and shopping? Getting around is easy and you have a wide variety of public transportation available to you. And when it comes to beaches…Marathounda Beach is simply idyllic. Or why not visit Toli Bay-it is simply, in a word-mesmerising.


If you are looking for a bit of cultural and cerebral relaxation (as well as beaches) you should check out the Symi Museum as well as the Archaeological and Folklore Museum. You will also find the Nautical Museum while in Symi. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.


In terms of the night life in Symi, it is quiet and relaxed (with the exception of August). There are two small clubs in the harbour for you to visit, but just remember that all outdoor music, by law, must be turned off at 12 midnight. So, if its night life that you are after, check out Tsati Bar, once described as “the best bar in the Dodecanese.” Also be sure to check out Vapori bar for the best music and cocktails in town.


In addition, there are a number of bars along the harbour, or why not take in the magical essence while walking around Symi harbour? You have nothing to lose and just relaxation to gain.


Stay awhile in Symi

Come to Symi. Trust me, you wont want to leave. But when you do eventually leave, you will want to come back for a visit like so many have before you. So much to see and do while in Symi. From tours to museums, bars and clubs, water sports, shopping and food. So, come to Symi and stay awhile!


According to The Trip Advisor ” If the Greek Isles were models, then Symi would be a dainty diva.” Tourists from around the world have come and enjoyed their time while in Symi, including Hollywood A listers. In short, the island is so beautiful, and the water is so clear that you might even mistake it for glass. Sometimes it looks as though the boats are floating on thin air. Come and discover and explore Symi for yourself and you too will be floating on thin air!


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